Hi, my name is Alycia. I’m an Integrative Health Practitioner – Specialising in Pain & Injuries.

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My passion is helping the body return back to an optimal state of health. Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to really feel. I help empower people to reach their full potential, by correcting imbalances and removing the blocks, to allow the freedom of accessing great health mentally, physically & emotionally.

I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for 8 years, first starting off as a Reiki Practitioner working on friends and family as I have always had a passion for holistic health and wellness. Then moving on to study various modalities such as a PKP Cert 4 & Diploma in Kinesiology, Hyperton-x Sports Kinesiology, ENAR and EFT Matrix Reimprinting.

I have personally suffered from a variety of health issues & injuries ranging from Arthritis throughout my body, slipped discs, whiplash from concussions, scoliosis, digestive issues, constant low energy from chronic fatigue, depression, low self esteem and confidence issues. This sent me on a mission to get my body back to optimal health, trying various health modalities such as western and eastern therapies. I hated my body for not healing and no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work at the time. I was left feeling upset, angry, confused and had been given little answers from the western medical world who couldn’t find an explanation or solution for my health issues. However, there was a positive change when I finally discovered that  my body needed a combination of everything. It wasn’t just a case of having good nutrition, acupuncture, naturopathic supplements or herbs, exercising and simply working on thoughts and feelings. It was more about looking at my body as a whole unit that required balance in all areas without focusing on one and expecting it to fix everything else.  Even though experiencing those rough years was a challenge, it came to give me such an awakening as I realised that everything impacted my body mentally, physically and emotionally, which all needed to come into balance. The body uses all of these elements and if one is unbalanced, the others will be out of balance as well.  I have a deeper understanding of what goes on inside the human body and what it requires for optimum health. 


My sessions are geared towards providing a better understanding, guidance, and insight to the reasons behind the issues you may experience in life and help you find a solution. Together we will work towards reaching your maximum capacity and taking your health and wellness to the next level.

I offer individual customized treatments which use a combination of therapies. The results are profound and often have an immediate effect on mental & physical performance.



No matter what your situation is, if you need help with: –

– Reducing pain & injuries – Neck, Back, Shoulders, Knees etc.
– Sore muscles & joints
– Tight muscles
– Restricted range of movement
– Weakness & fatiguing muscles
– Perfecting your game at the gym or with sports
– Increasing your energy through the day
– Improve poor sleep
– Moving out of stuckness & finding motivation
– Shedding baggage
– Rebooting your health
– Diminishing cravings or addictions
– Get your health on track or enhance it even more.

Contact me on 0403 504 924 to book in for your free 15 minute consultation and discover how to transform your health & wellness to the Next Level!

  • Highly recommend, for many years of putting up with the pain in my shoulder and seeing many other health professionals after seeing Alycia and having my treatment done, I am now on day 5 without any pain at all. Thank you Alycia and Next Level Wellness.


  • Before I started seeing Alycia for my back, I couldn’t do Squats, lunges, leg press or anything that involved using my back when bending. It got to the point when putting my socks on daily started to hurt. I came across Alycia one day in the gym & told her my back problems. I booked in an appointment & was told to come back in 6 weeks time. I still had slight pain between my first & second appointment. After my second appointment I was told to wait 48 hours until I could exercise again. A few days had passed & I didn’t experience any pain when putting my socks on. I can now do so squats, lunges & leg press without any pain or discomfort.–Nick

  • “I had my first EFT Matrix Reimprinting session with Alycia a few days ago and was very impressed. She created such a safe place to deal with hard and heavy stuff in such a healing manner once and for all. She took the time to explain the session and talked me through every step which I found incredibly helpful. Since the session I have found that my anxiety is now non-existent, I am feeling more energised and have noticed a definite shift in the way I am feeling.”


  • After doing a Hypertonics session my body felt so good and I was so relaxed. I noticed my workouts were improved and I could increase both my range and weight on all my lifts, including my deadlifts and leg press. I was able to increase my leg press maximum from 433 to 473kgs and was able to improve my form for my maximum deadlift of 100kgs. I was also able to see the difference with my bench press, being able to increase range at my maximum weight.  The treatment helped to relieve pain from old injuries and it has improved all my workouts, its been effective and I’ve seen great results. I would recommend anyone to try it out.


  • I have recently returned to a regular gym routine after some time off due to both my neck and my lower back becoming muscles feeling tight and painful. The pain was coming from spending 8hrs a day in front of a computer at my office job. It really felt like a problem which could lead to RSI and I was very wary of it becoming worse. A bit scary at 42 years old.

    I was referred to Alycia at Next Level Wellness by my local gym owner. He had mentioned that she was equipped with an intrinsic knowledge of Hyperton X which can strengthen weak and painful muscles, combined with using Kinesiology which incorporates the holistic study of muscle movement and body imbalance.

    Having never used these recovery methods previously I was a little apprehensive. No need to worry though as Alycia was very calming, confident, knowledgeable and explained each component of both therapies. After a one hour session with Alycia I have not had any pain at all and that was four weeks ago.

    I highly recommend Alycia to anyone who is suffering from muscle pain and cannot find a way to release it. Im sure I will be back to visit Alycia again for a muscle check up soon!


  • I had a Kinesiology balance with Alycia in relation to some dietary intolerances myself and my children have and how overwhelmed I was feeling finding meals we could all eat. I felt so much more relaxed and she uncovered some really helpful information that I needed to work on. I felt empowered and like I had a clear plan when I left. I’m happy to say that there is no more stress around food in my home, my children are eating and I’ve found a way to manage our meals. I highly recommend Alycia.


  • I have had a lot of healing done with different practitioners but I must say when I had a session with Alycia she really comes from the heart. I felt comfortable with her instantly and was able to clear some past emotional memories I was holding onto which was preventing me from attracting any kind of relationship. I highly recommend her to anyone who has gone through a lot in their lives. There’s a reason why this girl is good at what she does. Thank you Alycia.

    –Kate M

  • After I broke my ankle in 2009 I spent four years going back-and-forth to hospitals hoping that the next visit I would be pain-free after that I finally decided that it was time to have surgery to be come pain free and get some movement back that had been lost in 2014 I had surgery in hopes that I would now be pain-free, but sadly that was not the case a d I was only able to use about 20% of my ankle and later that year I’d come to the conclusion that I will be spending the remainder of my life in constant pain it’s very hard being in your 20s and not be able to do everything that everyone around you can do because you’re in constant pain. One day after my gym session i saw Alycia business card and decided to book an appointment and see if she could help me out. Well WOW I felt amazing and Alycia was able to get some movement back in my foot that doctors said I lost forever only after one appointment, and for the first time in seven years I’ve being pain free. So book an appointment with Alycia it will be the best think you’ll do!–Alyssa

  • EFT Matrix Reimprinting has by far been the best and most effective thing I have tried to address some limiting beliefs I have collected over the course of my life. Alycia is so soothing and makes you feel so comfortable which is so important when taking on a therapy like this as it is a very personal experience. Very grateful for the experience that has allowed me to face up to my fears and break through them.–Kimberley

  • I have had a lower back problem for 20+ years and after one session with Alycia, it was 99% resolved. Absolutely amazing!!–Kylie