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Are you wanting to:

Energise your life?
Perfect your game?
Get more out of your workouts?
Gain confidence in who you are?
Move out of stuckness?
Gain motivation and achieve your goals?
Shed baggage & let go?
Diminish cravings or addictions?
Get your health & wellbeing on track or enhance it even more?


EFT Matrix Reimprinting

A potent tool to accelerate transformation and allow your mind and body to function at full capacity.


Hyperton X

A simple and yet powerful tool you can have done to correct imbalanced muscles in your body.



Bring the body back to balance and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to effectively work.



A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

At Next Level Wellness, we have a strong focus, geared towards the person as a whole. We use symptoms of pain or illness, to discover vital answers and remove blocks that are the root cause, as opposed to simply masking the symptoms. Our aim is to help empower each individual physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to help give them a sense of freedom within, so they can achieve a great level of health and happiness.

We believe everyone is different, no one else is living your life or living in your body, but you. We offer individual customized treatments which use a combination of – ancient wisdom with modern sciences such as Kinesiology, Hyperton-X (Sports Kinesiology), EFT Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki, to make positive changes, find answers and get the results you want.

ARE YOU READY to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness? Our programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain well-being, strength, improved energy, and relaxation.

What it can help with:

  • Pain/ Injuries
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Stress Management
  • Low energy


  • Allergies/ Food sensitivities
  • Nutritional support
  • Weight loss
  • Self esteem/ confidence


  • Learning difficulties
  • Goal setting
  • and much more…


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